Built For The Wild Association

is a ministry that provides camps and conferences for teenagers around Alabama.  Through camps and conferences, we present the gospel in a dynamic way that allows the listener to connect and clearly hear about the love of God. We bring a fresh expression of Jesus to this generation, with a voice and media that resonate with youth culture. We’re not interested in making the Built Wild known; we want the name of Jesus to be known. Since Built Wild's founding, we have linked arms with many ministries and churches around the south to fuel evangelistic movements. Whether we are hosting a big outreach event or providing the evangelistic voice at another organization’s event, the common goal of everything we do is to share the hope of Jesus. 


Why Do Big Events?

People are wired for big events; they draw crowds and spark conversation. Built Wild taps into this instinct to fuel high-quality events that are evangelistic at their core and attractive to kids who wouldn’t go to church. But every event is just a launchpad. Built Wild events are embedded in a strategic process that begins months before and leads to mobilization long afterward.